The Morae River’s blog!

The Morae River

“an exploration of the Morae River’s ecosystems and the beings that inhabit them”

About the Project

“I conceived the Morae River Project in spring 2008 when I realized I wanted to organize my creature work the way biologists do.  I needed to put them into a context where they could evolve and shape their environment as real animals do, to try to make them as seem real as possible. I took the concept of a river and the habitats that might exist around it and am in the process of making it my own.

I doubt I could ever create the 46 million different species that I’ve estimated to live along the Morae’s banks but my effort is to represent the more notable of creatures and plant life to give you, the viewer, a sense of this world I have created and to perhaps feel that these organisms are thought out, organized, and studied.”

Brynn Metheney


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