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The Passenger

Six years in the making and completed in 2006, The Passenger was written, designed, modelled, textured, illuminated, animated, composed, recorded, mixed, edited, produced and directed by Chris Jones. More info at


Friday inspiration

Florian Satzinger


Tuomas Korpi

Dominique Fung


Hideyoshi Ruwwe

Lego Matrix Trinity Help

Little Big Planet is awesome!!

The Art Behind of LittleBigPlanet

Media Molecule ‘ the developers behind LittleBigPlanet – have shared  a ton of concept art from the early days of Little Big Planet’s development.

Joel Viegas

Looking for some new inspiration for my paintings I just found some amazing artworks made by Joel Viegas  (Joel Dos Reis Viegas a.k.a Feerik ) I’m just falling in love with his work….what else can I say?…How  easy a girl can fall in love ..

Joel Dos Reis Viegas, a.k.a. Feerik is a professional concept artist currently located in Montréal, Quebec. Joel has graduated from CFT Gobelins (Paris) with a degree in 2D/3D animation.  Joel is now a co-founder of of STEAMBOT Studios a collective of artists and friends whose goal is to push the boundaries of concept art further.

here you can find and the blog of the Steambot Studio

Friday inspiration

Brian Despain


Naoto Hattori

Tyler Stout

Kazuo Oga

Kazuo Oga is the art director for the Studio Ghibli films My Neighbor Totoro and Pompoko and background artist