Toth M. Geza’s shorts

by Oana Anghelache

You can’t get to know someone within one hour. But if you watch his work for one hour, you get closer to knowing his conceptual universe therefore his way of perceiving and thinking.  Especially when it comes to short animations, the thinking must be centralized. So what can you find in a few seconds clip? You can find some irony, extremely funny situations and brilliant social caricatures.  After watching many shorts you can feel dizzy like under the influence of energy or exotic drinks.

This is the way Toth M. Geza’s short animations influence the psychic. You realize that a man like him can’t render common things or on the contrary, he’s one of those people that can transform everyday facts in something rare.  He’s funny, tonic, spiritual and always new. He uses different styles and techniques for each of his stories.

Toth Geza chooses his approach and style for his animation according to each subject. From stop-motion on the short “Icarus” to mixed technique and live action on “Mama”, 3d on “Maestro” and VJ lyrical Improvisation on Bella Bartok’s music with the great Hungarian Philharmonic Orchestra. What do all these have in common? To begin with, remarkable and well-chosen sound, and a kind of humor that hides deeper thoughts and symbols.

Toth M. Geza the artist seems to be open to any kind of dialogue, to any style of animation and that’s because in any circumstance he seems to rely on a tiny brilliance engine inside his head. That’s why he always tries to express himself in different ways, and he’s in search of fresh perspectives, because he is not afraid of the darkness and the incertitude of new expeditions.

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