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sousou 爽々

SouSou is a  23  years old fashion illustrator from Japan.His style is a mixed manga-fashion illustration

His blog

drawr account


Chang Jung-Shan ink

Chang Jung-Shan is a amazing artist from Taiwan .She is a general office clerk in a technology company (I hope she will quit that job) Anyway I think she is really talented and she has amazing skills.

her blog here

NOWNESS contest-Haruki Murakami

In collaboration with Random House Inc., NOWNESS invites you to submit an original artwork inspired by any of the writer’s best-selling novels or short stories—the full list can be seen here—to win exclusive Murakami editions or a commission for NOWNESS

Designs can be of any two-dimensional medium including illustration, photography and digital art. The competition is open for submissions for two weeks until October 11, followed by a one-week voting period. To enter, use the form below to upload your work, including the title of the work that inspired it in the description, and share your submission via email, Facebook and Twitter to encourage voting. All submissions can be viewed here.To read the competition’s full terms and conditions, including details of eligibility for the student prize, click here.

illustrations by Micah Lindberg

Lin Yang

Lin Yang is one of my favorite Chinese myth illustrator out there.Her style is great and her lines are wonderful.She has some great tutorials and work in progress video on her blog. (for english translation click here)

You can watch one of her work in progress HERE



KOIKE Shigeo

KOIKE Shigeois the premier aviation illustrator. His works, the products of many years of labor, are presented every year as box art and calendar illustrations and draw the admiration of a large number of aircraft fans. They depict in a realistic style a fascinating world featuring expanses of transparent space and flying airplanes enveloped in light.



Sana Takeda

Well this is amazing : love his style :