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“The Unreberating Echo”by Kim DaeJin

With his college entrance exams creeping up, Chae Jang-Su has been studying hard every day. But something was off about this day. Somehow, all the consonants have disappeared from Chae’s textbooks. And then Chae is unable to read or speak a single consonant… So why hasn’t anyone noticed what’s going on? “@!#?@!.” Chae runs wild through the city while screaming these “echoes” understood by no one. This controversial work depicts mankind and the distortions of modern society in a way that embodies the quote by the philosopher Pascal, “Men are so necessarily mad.”READ the comic here

Erte (Romain de Tirtoff)

Machida Hajime

Arena-Salvador Dali

A documentary made in 1986 about the artist Salvador Dali.

Arena- Salvador Dali (1 of 7)

Arena- Salvador Dali (2 of 7)

Arena- Salvador Dali (3 of 7)
Arena- Salvador Dali (4 of 7)
Arena- Salvador Dali (5 of 7)


The project was a collaboration between Walt Disney and  Salvador Dalí, and features music written by  Armando Dominguez and performed by Dora Luz.



Some great art works made by Oguchi.

From what I read he is only 19 years old  and already  has a great style .Most of his works are made in Painter and if you want to find more about him or his work you can check his:

twitter account ( unfortanly is only in Japanese language  )

drawr account  ( just click on a image and after that it will send  you to  work in progress video )

pixiv account

たえ TAE

Twitter account account

drawr account