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Blogs about Miniature

Orange 3d Plastic-blog about miniature modeling -site with tips, reviews and  gallery Wright’s personal site. Kit reviews, event reports and loads of useful info.


Japanese clay art (artists,blogs and works)

Yuki Asamori

Hiroshi Yoshii







Fantasy and concept art by Ed Binkley

Meredith Dittmar

Meredith Dittmar is an artist living and playing in Portland OR. Born near Boston Mass, she grew up in a world of pet pigs, horses, hay-forts and spy games . Follow this with an education in computer science, a career in interactive design, a compulsive need to create, and a drive to Seek and you get the major elements of her person and work.

she works as an independent character designer and maintains her company Corporatepig, through which she continues to create thousands of unique handmade characters called “My Guys”.


Sayaka Kajita Ganz

Sayaka Kajita Ganz