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Obsessed with Brittney Lee works

Brittney Lee
Beautiful shapes and colors.

Caged Birds Sing Print
Hide and Seek Print

Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition – Bonus Clip ‘Artist In Motion, Britney Lee’

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Brittney Lee is a visual development artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios.[1]

Brittney is married to David Suroviec, a character technical director at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

During the production of Wreck-It Ralph, Brittney constructed an elaborate model of Sugar Rush made of real candy.[2]

For the production of Frozen, Brittney designed all of Anna’s dresses and hairstyles. She did background Rosemaling, and she designed Elsa’s braid, shoes, and helped with the design for Elsa’s dress.[3][4][5]

Brittney is well known for her dimensional paper sculpture illustrations.[6][7]

Brittney has also illustrated the Disney books: Frozen: A Sister More Like Me (ISBN 9781423170143); Wreck-It Ralph: One Sweet Race (ISBN 9781423166283); Tangled: A Dazzling Day (ISBN 9780736427210), and The Little Mermaid: Part of Their World (ISBN 9781423167570).



Fantasy and concept art by Ed Binkley

Friday inspiration

Florian Satzinger


Tuomas Korpi

Dominique Fung


Hideyoshi Ruwwe

Joel Viegas

Looking for some new inspiration for my paintings I just found some amazing artworks made by Joel Viegas  (Joel Dos Reis Viegas a.k.a Feerik ) I’m just falling in love with his work….what else can I say?…How  easy a girl can fall in love ..

Joel Dos Reis Viegas, a.k.a. Feerik is a professional concept artist currently located in Montréal, Quebec. Joel has graduated from CFT Gobelins (Paris) with a degree in 2D/3D animation.  Joel is now a co-founder of of STEAMBOT Studios a collective of artists and friends whose goal is to push the boundaries of concept art further.

here you can find and the blog of the Steambot Studio

Alberto Cerriteño

Alberto Cerriteño




Doomdee’s inspiration

Café Salé

CFSL is a web portal created for the French art community in 2002.

Alex Chu



Chao Hui Lin

temple gardenJungle

Chen Uen Color Works 1990 – 1998 

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