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Obsessed with Brittney Lee works

Brittney Lee
Beautiful shapes and colors.

Caged Birds Sing Print
Hide and Seek Print

Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition – Bonus Clip ‘Artist In Motion, Britney Lee’

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Brittney Lee is a visual development artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios.[1]

Brittney is married to David Suroviec, a character technical director at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

During the production of Wreck-It Ralph, Brittney constructed an elaborate model of Sugar Rush made of real candy.[2]

For the production of Frozen, Brittney designed all of Anna’s dresses and hairstyles. She did background Rosemaling, and she designed Elsa’s braid, shoes, and helped with the design for Elsa’s dress.[3][4][5]

Brittney is well known for her dimensional paper sculpture illustrations.[6][7]

Brittney has also illustrated the Disney books: Frozen: A Sister More Like Me (ISBN 9781423170143); Wreck-It Ralph: One Sweet Race (ISBN 9781423166283); Tangled: A Dazzling Day (ISBN 9780736427210), and The Little Mermaid: Part of Their World (ISBN 9781423167570).


Pictoplasma NYC Festival 2011

Pictoplasma NYC is a festival of contemporary character design and art and will take place in New York City for the third time for a long weekend of conferences, exhibitions and guest speakers. The conference invites a diverse audience of graphic designers, illustrators, animation filmmakers and producers, fine and urban artists and character connoisseurs to gather under one roof and discourse freely about the world of character-related art and design. The presentations are accompanied by feature-length ‘Characters in Motion’ screenings, showcasing a selected mix of new character-driven animation, motion graphics, music videos and shorts. Confirmed speakers include Tim Biskup, Joshua Ben Longo, Joel Trussell, Raymond Lemstra

After its US premiere in 2008, the event now returns to New York for the third Pictoplasma NYC edition, November 4-5, 2011 at New York’s Tishman Auditorium of Parsons The New School for Design. Exhibitions are open November 3-6, 2011.

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Some great art works made by Oguchi.

From what I read he is only 19 years old  and already  has a great style .Most of his works are made in Painter and if you want to find more about him or his work you can check his:

twitter account ( unfortanly is only in Japanese language  )

drawr account  ( just click on a image and after that it will send  you to  work in progress video )

pixiv account

たえ TAE

Twitter account account

drawr account



Joey Chou

I have to say  I found a really cute blog “Joey Art”

“Joey Chou, an alumni and graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, was born in Taiwan and moved with his parents and sister to the U.S. when he was 15. His art reflects influences by prominent and obscure artists as well as influences by the Southern California lifestyle and culture. When not painting or sketching, Joey enjoys independent films, surfing, video games, and traveling.”

Adi (caricature)

by elena dragu

Michael Sieben

Michael Sieben


YUKO SHIMIZU is a freelance illustrator based in New York City and an illustration instructor at School of Visual Arts. Newsweek Japan has chosen her as one of “100 Japanese People The World Respects” in 2009.

Drawing had been Yuko’s hobby ever since she could remember. However, growing up in a traditional Japanese family, pursuing a path in art was just not an option. After receiving BA in advertising and marketing – the most creative of the practical field – from Waseda University she landed on a position in PR for a big corporation in Tokyo.
It never made her quite happy, and she was in a mid-life crisis at age of 22.

It still took Yuko more than 10 years of office job before she figured out what she really wanted to do and to save just enough so she could go back to school full time for 4 more years.
This is how Yuko came back to New York in 1999, where she briefly spent her childhood, and enrolled in School of Visual Arts (SVA).

Yuko graduated with MFA from Illustration as Visual Essay Program in 2003 and has been illustrating since. She also teaches a BFA Illustration course and occasionally advises MFA students at SVA.
She works in a studio in Manhattan, a space she shares with two artists whom she considers as her ‘New York family’. Yuko has not gotten into mid-life crisis since she became an artist.